Concelo meets the challenge

Kitchen bins are one of the most used appliances in the kitchen, being used 20 to 30 times a day.

The common challenge with all waste bins is that they get dirty and smelly. A dirty bin can soon go from being a minor annoyance to a real issue if it is left unresolved. Dirt traps are not only unsightly and unhygienic but can lead to maintenance issues. 

The traditional solution to managing odours and moisture is to place a lid on top of the bucket. The downside is that manual lids are inconvenient. When you have a handful of rubbish, you end up juggling between opening a door and lifting a lid while trying not to spill waste.

This is why Concelo waste bins are different - they have been specifically designed to be the easiest bin the world to keep clean!

Active Lid

Handsfree Active Lid

The Concelo range features a patented Active Lid for ultimate convenience. It is hidden from sight at the top of the bin inside the cabinet, and drops down to close over the buckets when the unit is closed. The motion of the lid is synchronized with the opening and closing action of the unit, which lets you keep your hands free to simply drop waste into the bin. 

Concelo Easy Clean

Easy Clean

Concelo waste bins have a totally unique and patented CLIP'N'CLEAN system. Components can be easily removed for cleaning - simply unclip the parts, clean in warm soapy water, and clip back into position. 

In addition to being easy to clean, careful thought has been given to removing common dirt traps and making surfaces easy to wipe down. Concelo's plastic components are made from stain resistant polypropylene which means they are easy to clean and will never rust.

Concelo Door Adjustment

Simple and Precise Installation

Concelo has been designed with the installer in mind. It utilises a Cam system to allow precise adjustment of the door height and tilt panel. Horizontal adjustment is provided by slotted holes in the door bracket. This makes it simple to fine tune the exact position of the door front to ensure perfect fit with the rest of the cabinetry. Six locking bolts secure the door panel firmly in position to prevent the door coming out of adjustment.

Concelo Runners Synchronisation 1920

Premium Soft Close Runners

Concelo runners are designed to compliment premium drawers. Manufactured in Germany, they are synchronised and the soft close mechanism feature a fluid damper for a seamless quiet closing action. 

CR215 Flint Matt extension 15mm

Full Access

Standard runners have a limited opening which can prevent a bin from opening fully, making removing or emptying the rear bucket difficult. 

Concelo runners are custom designed with over extension. This allows the bin to fully open and give full access to remove or empty buckets. The rear bucket can be easily removed independently of the front bucket, and the buckets can clear the bench top.

More unique, industry leading features

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Red Dot Design Award

“A sophisticated product solution, this kitchen waste bin convinces thanks to its automatic, odour controlling closing mechanism.”
- Judge’s comment, Germany 2019

GGT GreenRate C
Global Green Tag Certification

Global GreenTag is an independent, third-party assessment, certification and eco-labelling body that complies under strict International Standards to evaluate products for their ethical, health and environmental attributes. The organisation provides certified product information to help consumers, architects and builders discern between product claims when looking for products with reduced environmental impact, so they can make informed choices.

10 year warranty
10 Year Warranty

Concelo is backed up by a limited 10 year warranty.