Society of St Vincent de Paul  

  Archdiocesan Council of Santa Fe


Our Vision – Vincentians envision a more just society where the rights,  responsibilities and development of all people are promoted.

Our Mission – The mission of the St Vincent de Paul Society is to deliver loving and compassionate person-to-person assistance in building a path out of poverty.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Archdiocesan Council of Santa Fe serves all of northern and central New Mexico, with 48 chapters, 7 thrift stores and 23 food pantries.
Additionally, SVdP Santa Fe provides our most needy neighbors assistance with:
  • Bus Passes
  • Clothing Assistance
  • Rent Assistance
  • Firewood

Our Latest News!

Tuesday, Nov. 20, at a Santa Fe District Council meeting…

Left to right Charles Winston, Lourdez Gonzales, John Little, Cathy Lomax (sitting,) Delores Romero and Cliff Russell.
On November 20th, the Santa Fe Thrift Store Committee honored its most senior member, Lourdez Gonzales.   At the conclusion of their scheduled business meeting, Eva Pereira, SVdP of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe Council President,  presented Lourdez with a St. Vincent de Paul certificate of appreciation for her many years of caring service. 

As part of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Conference of Santa Fe, Lourdez presently helps people in need at the Thrift Store Pantry on 1088 Early Street.  However, her selfless service to both her parish Community and the Santa Fe area has spanned decades.

Lourdez has served the needy since she was a young woman, and recently celebrated her 89th birthday. During this remarkable tenure, she has contributed through many different roles, beginning with her efforts at the “Tendita”, as the Santa Fe Thrift Store was known in its early days.  

Lourdez credits her mother for inspiring her service ethic, and later, her experiences working at the New Mexico Land Office bolstered her commitment to help others. As she approaches her 90th year, Lourdez says she now sees people’s needs with greater clarity than when she was younger, and this informs her service on their behalf.

St. Vincent de Paul tells us in his writings that when we are “seniors” we see things more clearly.

 It certainly was true for St. Vincent de Paul, because it was in his later years that he accomplished his most amazing works. 

St. John Chrysostom said “If you cannot find Christ in the beggar at the church door, you will not find him in the Chalice.”

Through her countless charitable efforts, Lourdez has long placed herself as a Vincentian at Chrysostom’s metaphoric “church door”, and so has indeed found Christ by serving those in need.   Her Vincentian works have also been supported by husband, Cliff Russell, a Vincentian leader himself.  We thank both Lourdez and Cliff for their service to the Santa Fe community.

Lourdez and Cliff can be found at the Santa Fe Thrift Store Pantry Wednesdays from 10:30 to 12:30, where they organize and disburse groceries for the needy.

The Santa Fe Thrift Store Pantry serves over thirty families every week with food generously provided by Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Cristo Rey Parish, and the St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral parishes.

Pictured are Eva Pereira, Council President in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, Lourdez Gonzales, and Carol Cadena

In her acts of charity, Lourdez has indeed found Christ. Her husband Cliff Russell has supported her Vincentian works and is a Vincentian himself. Today we thank Cliff for his support and his service to the community.

Left to Right: Cliff Russell, Lourdez Gonzales and Cathy Lomax.


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At the SVdP Annual Meeting, July 14, at Incarnation Parish, Palmira Perea-Hay was presented with a certificate of appreciation by the St. Vincent de Paul Archdiocesan Council. Palmira is from St. Joseph on the Rio Grande Conference in Albuquerque.  

The Council recognized her efforts in promoting Fellowship and Friendship by hosting quarterly fellowship meetings for Deanery A, B, and C in the Albuquerque area. Here members get to pray, get to know each other and exchange best practices. (while enjoying a cup of coffee). 

Friendship is one of the essentials elements of Vincentian life and spiritual growth. Palmira a Vincentian at St. Joseph on the Rio Grande who has served as conference president and dedicated member for over ten years.

Carlos, Alexandro and Brenda
The Albuquerque Thrift Store Committee works hard to make certain quality goods are available at low cost.



  No work of charity is foreign to the Society
SVdP SF Board Members as of September 30, 2017

Eva Pereira – President, George Vaughan – Vice President
Kathy Kenna – Secretary, Ken Strasburg – Treasurer
Sandy Gentner, Barbara Garrity, Dolores Tafoya, Marv Schneider, John Conlon, Linda Strasburg, Therese Nunez, Joe Trujillo, Tony Torrez, Charles Winston, Jinky Romero, Betty Jacquez, Irma Crimm, Manuel Rodriquez, Linda Mummert, John Duran

Vincentians witness God’s love by embracing all works of charity and justice. The Society collaborates with other people of good will in relieving need and addressing its causes, making no distinction in those served, because in them Vincentians see the face of Christ.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, New Mexico is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and donations to the Society are tax-deductible.